Minty Fresh Pack 4 (Submissions Closed)

This is the thread for Minty Fresh Pack 4 development.
The pack will consist of 69 files and is set to release on January, 2021

As like the other Minty packs, this pack will largely be a dump chart pack.
I encourage you to chart music that YOU enjoy and not just things that you find to be ‘chartable’

Given the rise of chordjack packs, and other msd-minded packs, I would like to say that having a file like this be accepted into the pack is unlikely, unless it brings something to the table that others do not. (good fucking luck)

Dump charts that have a solidified file identity and/or is expressional will be favored. This mostly comes down to interesting song choice, thoughtful structure and nuanced patterning. If you don’t understand what I’m trying to convey by this, look through some of the other Minty packs.

Most importantly, with this new pack, we should be trying to “push the envelope”
Try new things–whether it be bpm stuff, new patterning, or different song choice, where Minty has always seemed to succeed is in bringing quality files that stand out from the rest.

You can submit files by uploading your files to me by DM on discord


under no circumstance will unfinished wips be considered for review. Due to the amount of uploads that can be anticipated, we simply won’t have the time to make all of those comments. If you’re debating on finishing a file, it’s probably because that file shouldn’t exist.
Keep in mind that many of the reviewers and organizers have lives outside of this pack and everything may not be done as timely as you would wish it to be. This is, and always will be, the case with Minty Fresh Packs. You’ll live.

Once your file is sent it will be added to the spreadsheet that you can find here

Chart your asses off, nerds


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Try new things

Boys I’m going in


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