Minty Fresh Pack 3 (PRE-RELEASE)

Minaciousgrace, a whole slew of other charters, and myself have been working on this pack for months. Official release of Minty 3 is set to happen in June. The reason that we are releasing what we currently have is to get impressions, feedback, and scores.

All graphics have been stripped for this release to eliminate any bias.

Looking forward to hearing what you have to say!
-Lofty, Mina, Skwid, Leo137, Klaius, Scintill, James May, IcyWorld, Void, Bensagram, Pull, Ptet, DMRIw, Dourgent, SnowPh, Celebelian, Orchid, Civilization, Sklitter, Arch0wl, Amos

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Pretty solid so far, thanks for the share.

morty frick peck

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I can’t play if there’s no anime background

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