Minty Fresh Pack 3 and Minty zFarts Pack 2 (RELEASE THREAD)

This is a double release!!


Minty Fresh Pack 3 is a dump file pack consisting of mostly technical and stream dumps. It is organized by me and Minaciousgrace. The people who have contributed to this pack are among the most talented stepfile authors in the Etterna community and are listed below in no particular order.

Main Pack Contributors : Icyworld, Skwid, Tim, Leo137, Scintill, Orchid, Ptet, Civilization, Celebelian, Bensagram, Pull, James May, Cataclysm, SnowPh, Sklitter, Flossy, Void, Arch0wl, DourGent, Klaius, Amos, DMRlw, Mina, Lofty

Minty zFarts Pack 2 is mostly a dump pack. The songs are dumber, patterns harder, but really this is an excuse to release hi19 files and some other FFR (flashflashrevolution) files worth playing.

Fartz Contributors : AlexMandi, Hi19hi19, Soul Evans, Wh1teh, Matej777, Snover, Theropfather, and all of the FFR and MINTY Pack authors included.


Playtesters: Big thanks to EtienneSM for being one of the biggest promoters and playtesters of these packs. Thank you, also, to Foxfire, Snover, Bensagram and anyone else involved in playtesting.

Minty Server: Without your feedback, comments, and contributions these packs wouldn’t be half as successful as they are. Thank you for putting in the effort to consistently edit your files, even when Mina and I were preoccupied with other things. It took a while to get to this point, but I think this pack is one we can be proud of.

Spreadsheet Organizers : Thank you, Windoze, for helping to keep submissions to this pack organized. The submissions process would have been a mess without you.

Uploads : Thank you, Theropfather and Foxfire for cooperation with uploading and ranking.

Enjoy the packs and be sure to post scores.



10 characters

play assassin

also play waka laka

thanks =)

naughtical dildos

habbening -

Big paq time hell yeah gamers :sunglasses:


And also paq

now this is epic

epiq !!!

gotta play on weekend

waka laka good

ps. play leaf house

you should play aa shuu dekei oo its probably the best file, like ever created

8ac1d7a6 cannonings


10 characters

finished minty 3 with A or above on all files in 3 hours 40 minutes beat my time go

etterna good
osu bad

Here are some scores from my session today man:

Some cool stuff in the pack man. Of course there are several files from playtesting that are still the same so I skipped over those today. Think my pack completion is like 40%ish between the two of them now.

From the bottom of my fucking heart
thank you Dour for charting the bulgy wulgy rap
sides are in orbit