Mark's Mappies (The Furry Takeover) Release!

Mark’s Mappies (The Furry Takeover) [Official Release]

after a few months the pack is finally out, enjoy 22 dump, tech and dense/semi-dense chordjack files made by me and other charters in the community with a touch of furry (much thanks to cadeira, macky, quiz, illusionism, starrysergal for submitting files and polarin for letting me use her chart of “she who mars the skin of gods” :DD)

click on banner to download:

chart list (crudely edited because of issues with SMSongListGenerator i was having):

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for a furry pack, there’s an impressive lack of furries gfx

:shushing_face: :shushing_face: :shushing_face:

Im furry

Hi furry, I’m dad.


Punai Punai I want to die
271271 271271 nice fucking 24.55, Etterna why?
竹じゃない casual 542 BPM bursts, oh my

This is indeed a paq.

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welcome to kitty city!

You have just inflicted untold amounts of mental anguish upon me with this simple reference.
I shall proceed to commit unthinkable deeds dirt cheap in order to free my mind of this burden most cringe-inducing indeed.