Magikarp1234's Bulk Song Pack

Magikarp1234’s Bulk Song Pack is an Excerpt of
Magikarp1234’s Song Pack from 1 to 8 in osu. (with
some addition from another pack like chordjack pack,
and individual beatmap.)

In this pack, there are a variety of pattern, difficulty. Some
maps are easy as Reform 1st dan, some are very fierce as
Gemini dan. But most of maps have the range of Reform 9th
dan to Epsilon dan.

So, you want to fully enjoy my pack, I recommend to raise skill
enough to play at least 9th dan (or Malody Extra-1st dan.)

Thanks for playing this and reading this article.

Magikarp1234, Dec 23 2021

v0.1 uploaded
v0.2 edited banner for 3:1 to 3.2:1