MacGravel Needs Our Help!

Hello, everybody.

For more than 15 years, StepMania has held a special place in my heart. And, even though I don’t play the game anymore and haven’t been actively involved in pack development for a long time, this community has given me the opportunity to make long lasting friendships that continue to this day.

For those of you that are not familiar with MacGravel, he has had a significant role in the development of the StepMania community. From leading and being directly involved in major community-driven pack releases such as the Video Game Mega Pack series, SMGroove packs, Red Fraction, Dark Chancellors, among many others, to developing the beloved Orbular noteskin and pioneering X-mod charts, MacGravel’s love and selfless contributions to this community have positively impacted StepMania as a whole. Most importantly, MacGravel is a loving husband and amazing father to a beautiful baby girl and a 3-month old baby.

Recently, due to events out of his control, MacGravel is being forced to relocate his mobile home within 30 days. Blindsided and with limited funds, this task seems impossible to accomplish, leaving MacGravel and his family with a very real possibility of becoming homeless in the near future.

I am reaching out to the StepMania community with the aim of helping MacGravel, a member that has devoted so much love and time to this community, and his family during this terrible times.

Below is the link to the GoFundMe campaign that has been set up for this purpose. I you can’t donate, please consider sharing this post and the link to the campaign.

Thank you so much for your time.

Stay strong, MacGravel!

MacGravel’s GoFundMe Campaign