Lol pack goes brrrrrr release

Download the pack here, or click the banner.
lol pack goes brrrrrr is a pack, that’s it.
There’s not a real theme with this pack as there’s Chordjack, streams, jumpstreams, dumps, and even some vibro! This pack originally started as something that my friends and I contributed to, making files for it as well as reuseing files from our older packs that we have never released. Then I decided it would be great to allow more people from the community to contribute to the pack as well. Though everything was pretty slow in regards to submissions, everything went smooth. There are a total of 94 songs, whew! This pack has been in development for about 6 months so I’m glad that I’m finally able to get it out so that people can play it. There are a lot of amazing files and I would like to thank all who helped with it, including Red, Kyu, KervilMosley, Snugglemagne, MOS420, LDUR, Apomonosi, Choof, lyko, Kauitsu, and anyone else who I might have missed!
Here’s the epic songlist:
(Click the image to see the full songlist)
banner preview moment
I hope you all enjoy!
If you would like to participate in a future pack, dm me on Discord: Tato#0768


goes off on rant about how im a piece of shit for having nsfw gfx in a pack

has questionably nsfw cropped porn gfx in his pack


edit: wow its pedo shit too


good job lmao

There’s a difference between having straight up nudity in a pack, and having near nudity. I was mad because the packs had uncensored shit in the packs. I’m okay with it as long as there’s not actual porn in the damn pack.

atleast with the ones in my pack, they’re censored in a way or cropped in a way where they show nothing


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lol.neeeeeeeeew pack

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so you have a double standard is what you are trying to say cool asshole :slight_smile:


who the fuck cares if there’s porn in pack graphics legit look at something like kaiten123’s op in sonicrainboom pack, they’ve been in packs for forever

brr 10 characters


hey kids, dont try to be the moral authority on pack contents and metadata

with the exception of older packs being grandfathered in for the most part, packs that continue to be made are not allowed to have nsfw graphics or any offensive content and will be ineligible to be ranked (at the rankers’ discretion)

that being said this pack does not clearly violate any of that, and in oxiclean’s case, the banner for 1 file was nsfw and was replaced in a rerelease of the pack – oxicleaned. on top of that, oxiclean came out before we started to care about pack contents

in the future, this will be handled in a more moderated fashion

lil babies

my personal comment on this pack tho: 4/10 choof carried; the undercharting of most songs makes it an okay suggestion for people who arent good but then you mixed it with either joke content or things that are too hard. but i cant take it too seriously with a title like this anyways (edit: forgot to mention this pack is also a restep nightmare)


this is so sad

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Choof is too op. I have gotten a few comments about it being a restep nightmare, but I didn’t really care since the people who charted most for the pack just charted what they wanted to. Thanks for playing it, everyone had fun making it and I think that’s what’s important.