Lemon's Fruit Snacks 2 [RELEASED]


Ah shit, here we go again

Didn’t think I’d be releasing another pack until a few months ago, and then I started shitting out charts like every week. Now I don’t feel like shitting out any more charts, so I made some shitty gfx and released what is likely going to be my final pack.

Good news: This chart has a LOT more easier stuff than any of my previous packs. There’s a good amount of files between 15 and 20 MSD, and the majority of the rest falling into the lower 20s. That isn’t to say that there’s no difficult files, there’s still a few of those for sure. Also, there’s less dump charts this time around.

Here is the song list:


Me for making half of the files and almost all of the bad gfx
The cool people who submitted files (Chrubble, Elekton, Guilhermeziat, DarkZtar, TheToaphster for being super cool and having 3 files each, also Tim and Pope Gadget for being very cool and having 2)
Whoever made the gfx for the re-released files
PSCHC/W D Gaster for making the super cool Pendulums gfx which look way nicer than anything else in the pack
Pope for giving me gfx with both of his files which also look nicer than most of the rest of the pack
SOFT4 tournament for giving me a reason to make enough charts for this pack