Kroly's Shitology (and Others) 2020 - Released!

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The shitology continues.

The third already iteration of the own chart this time with the contribution with a friends of mine from PMC. Their stuff indeed made this pack not only expand, but also made it more interesting to check out.

Yep, Kroly’s and others’ shitology came out today!

This pack contains the stuff I made throughout this year. As said earlier, some charters from PMC made the contribution to this pack by sending some of their creations. You will find various charts through tech charts, tons of Jumpstream/Handstream and jack files, the pinch of memes, and yes, even Camellia. The charts are mostly based on the versatility on the rhythm games though, however, it should not be the problem with trying them out on etterna!

Credits to charting people there:



Nice, I’ll mirror the stuff now.