Kraezymann's Etterna Tutorial and Training Pack

Whenever you install a new game, you almost always have tutorials to go through and, in some cases, are provided with a training mode. They exist everywhere and serve the sole purpose of helping you “get gud”. This pack aims to be Etternas version of a training mode.

As it stands, the calculator that determines the difficulty of the song and your score when done assesses 7 different categories:


Kraezymann’s Etterna Tutorial and Training Pack aims not only to provide newcomers, beginners, and casual players a way to learn and practice the above 7 categories, but also to provide additional category specific charts for experienced players to play with and enjoy.

I continued the Stepping Stones name under the impression that I could make a series of packs that catered to the novice/intermediate/casual crowd, and while I may have sort of accomplished that goal (and got a lot of awesome files out of it), a lot people missed out; generally the ones on the outside of the SSS spectrum of skill. This pack aims to take what I learned from doing those packs and put it to good use for EVERYONE.

The idea is that there will be approximately 8-10 somewhat fully charted songs per category, with special Day One DLC included in the pack download (it’s a surprise). Each song will be charted in a way to emphasize the category it’s in. For example if I hear a song that’s good for jacks I will make my charts focus on jacks and minijacks. Anyone can submit to the pack and collabs are allowed but a song has to have two or three charts: one for beginners and newcomers, one for intermediate and casual players, and one for experts. There isn’t really a limit as to how hard to make it, and you can decide how many charts you want to do but try to keep in mind that it’s a pack for everyone’s benefit, so try to cater to all crowds. Also, I’m really only looking for one represented category per song, so try to avoid anything more than 1 or 2 represented categories total.

Not only will this pack be a way to practice these skillsets, but I’m also going to open it up to solo and 7k files as well. These other playstyles have their own skills to learn, and as long as they follow the above rules will most likely be accepted into the pack. I realize that these playstyles cannot be ranked by Etterna standards but it would be a great way to introduce folks to these styles and terms within them.

I do want the pack to have some semblance of quality, so I’m going to make sure the metadata and song info are all set. Graphics will be provided and cdtitles are required. The graphics are going to help with the separation of the 7 categories in that they will be “themed”.

So to recap:
7 categories
8 - 10 songs per category
2 or 3 charts per song
Additional songs for solo and 7k introductions

There is no date for completion. It’ll be done when it’s done. It’s a large project but I feel with the right attitude we can make it one of the best.

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