[KB7] Insane BMS - SM + SP1-12 convert pack release

Insane BMS - SM


The time has come to release the biggest bms convert pack ever.

The pack contains the entire Korean “Insane BMS” pack with tons of additional sabuns (custom charts) for each song. The number of converted songs is 2518. The total number of charts in the convert pack is 11042.

The difficulty of the charts is varied - everyone should be able to find charts they can enjoy, even complete beginners. This should be enough charts to be able to have fun with 7k in Etterna. : )

In order to handle the volume of the pack, we’ve used a shortcut - each difficulty is in its own folder. This also preserves unique sounds and remixes found in some difficulties.

Warning: the size of the compressed archive is 6.4GB. The size after decompression is 21.1GB.

Click the picture at the top of this post to download.



While the “Insane BMS” pack contains a ton of charts, it doesn’t have everything that’s in the famous 発狂BMS難易度表 table (also known as the “Insane BMS Table”). That’s why we’ve decided to convert the missing charts too. That’s the origin of this second pack, SP1-12.

Why only levels 1-12 and not the entire table? The answer is simple - nobody felt like continuing this job. But since it’s not a bad pack, we’re releasing it anyway.

Please note that this pack contains subfolders so you will need to put them directly in your songs folder if you want the game to be able to find the charts.
Alternatively, put this pack in some separate place and set it as an “AdditionalSongsFolder” in preferences.ini.

Click the gorilla to get the SP1-12 pack.

How was this converted?

Some songs sound weird, why?
The converter we used ignores some intended behaviours and stacks sounds on top of each other instead of cutting them. This can cause problems with volume and lower the overall quality of sound in some cases.

I’ve found a duplicate chart!
We’ve tried to remove those but it’s difficult. You will have to deal with a few duplicates. They are duplicated in the source pack too.

Some charts seem a bit empty, are there missing notes?
Those are scratch charts. This is a kb7 pack so there are no scratches.

Will there be more?
No, unless you do it. Join our Discord server and we will tell you how.


You may need to set your locale to Japanese to let the game read all files correctly. Nothing I can do about it, sorry.

this is an important release.

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epic content bomb of immeasurable greatness

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i am in awe

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this is fucking awesome, thank you for making this

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This is so sick, never played 7k in etterna can’t wait to try these out.

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holy sh**t this is EPIC!

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