[KB7] BMS SP & SP2 + Overjoy + Satellite & Stella converts pack

I was kinda upset when I found out that there is absolutely no charts to play in 7K Etterna, except the Korean Insane BMS pack, which is kinda uncomfortable to play due to huge amount of files in a single pack and most of the files were fucked, so I decided to convert most of the popular tables.
These converts have most (but not all of them) charts that are presented in original table. The only exceptions was the charts with dead download links.

Insane (★), a.k.a. 発狂BMS検索, marked as SP in the game. ~4.5 GB uncompressed.
Insane2 (▼), a.k.a. 発狂BMS第2, marked as 2SP in the game. ~6.5 GB uncompressed.
Overjoy (★★), marked the same in the game. ~1 GB uncompressed.
Satellite (sl), marked the same in the game. ~7 GB uncompressed.
Stella (st), marked the same in the game. ~6 GB uncompressed.

Answering to the expected questions:
SM files were converted through BM2SMConverter and audio was converted through BeMusicSeeker.
If there is a chart with missing notes, it’s a 99% chance that it’s a scratch chart. Scratch is the fancy red note that you could see in BMS or IIDX.
If there’s a chart with enormously huge offset, then looks like the chart wasn’t converted properly. The only way to fix this is the either fix converter, which would take a lot (maybe) of time, or find broken charts and fix them manually, which would take even more time.

Before downloading these packs, make sure you have Japanese locale in Windows. Here is how to do it. After downloading, extract folders from the root folder to Songs folder, do not extract the root folder itself, or Etterna will not be able to read packs.

Huge thanks to DeltaEpsilon for making BM2SMConverter, and thanks to Bobini and xurnub for helping me through converting process.

These conversions are still in beta, if you wanna help me for making these packs better, consider joining the BMS - SM discord server.



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