Jumpstream appreciation thread

discuss jumpstream here

please don’t chart rolly js

please chart jumpstream with long one hand trills.

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what is there to discuss

270 bpm jumpstream = ez :ok_hand:

I am the best jumpstream charter

what isn’t there to discuss



I play jumpstream files every day
I play jumpstream files
I play jumpstream files every day
I play jumpstream files

When I wake up, I’m grabbing my keyboard
I wanna aa them all
I wanna play jumpstream files
All day long, all day long

it is just a pattern, and patterns only matter within context

please make more jumptrills,

signed, osu

fuck jumpstreams
this post was made by tech stream gang

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What if you wanted to play stamina jumpstream but then you hit an Icy solo


Jumpflammy jumpstream is really fun to play. It is the perfect blend between jumptrilly and real jumpstream.

Icy solos only pop up in handstream.

the best js is the kind you can literally just jumptrill, low key

[12][3][4] [1][23][4] [1][2][34]… is objectively the best pattern

I like it when the jumpstream decides to have minijacks in it, oh and when it transitions into a glorified one hand trill with some appendages! Sign me up.

Something about this pattern is like sex for my hands

:point_right: :wastebasket:

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all i see is