[jst.lax] open pack submissions and details (CLOSED)

(submissions are now closed)

[jst.lax] by myself and possibly other charters

this pack is going to be aimed torwards intermidaite players (12-20ish players)

~genre/music type that im looking for

melodic chill stuff
anything that is chill or fits the lofi aesthetic

~ratings/file types

12-21ish msd type files
idc about if its a js or watever type file
if your going to send a dump, make sure its not too technical or hardisssh (probably not even a dump at that point)
files should be around 1 to 2 minutes long. any file above 5 minutes will make me tired and hate it, unless it isnt boring or too dense
dont send any files that have been re-released. not try n’ to have any re-releases like i did in my other packs.


bn and bg is not required, but if you do make some, make sure its high-quality and fits the a e s t h e i c s of the file.
just dont make 144p ass gfx. if you send any files with no bn or bg, then ill make the gfx for it.

cdtitle is required tho.

~final note

going to go for a big 50 file pack this time. might increase in the future. release when done.

Pack has been cancelled years ago.