J4 vs J5 thread

Which one do you use and why? How can players choose wisely to improve faster?

you dont really need j5 until you start hitting the top end of skill and want to work on control
j4 is perfectly fine until then but feel free to use either. changing judge doesnt really matter much with Wife% conversions and MSD

Want better scores - J4
Wanna be a better player - J5

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I think you’re getting a little too caught up in the initial hype. Very few people actually benifit from using J5, and those people are the ones who already have enough skill and accuracy to take away something from the nuances of the great window when limit pushing and reduce their sloppy play.

You need to work on this on default judge first before you can just jump into J5. Get more CBs than greats consistently when pushing on J4.

What if i disabled judgement text and time purely by feel?
Would going from J4 to J5 be of any benefit to me?
I’ve been considering going to J5 to improve my acc but since i don’t use any form of feedback (including error bar) i don’t think it would help much.

never tried J4

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you should use j5 when you start getting more CBs (combo breaks (good, bad, miss)) than greats on j4, simple as that

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i band wagoned onto j5 and now all my scores are j5

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No, it usnt worth using J5 for acc unless you can consistently approach quad on J4. You will not feel the +/-3ms marv difference otherwise, and you shouldn’t be approaching 40ms for the greats anyway.

It will actually be pretty difficult to improve accuracy without feedback, I would highly recommend at least one metric (error bar is probably the least intrusive), so you can train and zero in your visual and audio reading skills.

Thanks for the replies, I have been playing with J5 for the past 2 days, but looking back at my scores, I’m going to switch back to J4. When I start getting good scores to make the switch to J5 will update you guys, hope it wont take too long :slight_smile:

Because it was brought up, how useful is the error bar to improve your acc? I have been playing with only judgment text ever since I started.


Best of luck! J5 is a potentially useful tool, and it’s good to know about it. Just be mindful of when it will benifit you, and really, don’t worry if it takes a long time to get to that point. It’s a pretty late game thing to consider, if you want to tighten your control. Keep pushing and working accuracy and control too, and you’ll definitely get there though!

Error bar is something you have to learn, but it has real power to allow you to understand just how accurately within a judgement you are hitting. You can determine when you are splitting, and when you are trailing behind or ahead of where you should be. I think the easiest way to understand the judge window, error bar, and making minor adjustments is to start playing some light chordjack patterns (like Oxicleaned, Nuclear Kimchi, Chordial Blitz) and try to hit them as cleanly as you possibly can. Doing this alone won’t massively improve your acc in all fields, but knowing what it feels like to hit accurately at all, and reducing splitting, goes a long way when you are trying to hone your abilities. You may be surprised to hear that spending some time honing control (97-99) and accuracy (99.75+) will be great tools for limit pushing when sprinkled into your sessions, especially when done on a wide variety of patterning. Yes, even if the files are way below your overall skill rating.


relevancy bump

J5 for life

Real men play J1 and then upscale to J4 though for that 300 ms bad window

I personally really like J5. I’ve used J4 for so long that it makes playing easier songs (20-) too easy. Using J5 (or even J6) on easier stuff introduces a new challenge and makes going back and playing that content more enjoyable. But yes, I wouldn’t be trying to jump to anything higher then J4 if you’re still in the process of learning.

Realistically you’re basically just saying you’re trying to acc easier files. You can do this on J4 and achieve the exact same effect. Can you mention your desired percentages so I can get an idea? AAA J5 is approxamately 99.85, J6 AAA about 99.95. AAAA J5 is approxamately 99.985 J4, I doubt you’re getting J6 AAAAs.

The only real reason to switch around is for feedback benifits, which honestly will differ song to song dependant on it’s difficulty. I don’t really think ‘too easy’ is often fair, and even less often applies to the people who say it honestly.

If it’s too easy then play harder charts lmao


i tried j5 yesterday and i got really fuckin good scores so i might stick with it

j5 all day. I’m new to Etterna (started with osu!mania) and I feel like playing with j5 is helping me speed up the process of relearning patterns so that i can properly play them and drop the sloppy habits i picked up on osu!

I do hope you are also learning the error bar if you are concerned with cleaning up sloppy play. Real time exact note by note deviation within a judgement is a very powerful feature which I highly recommend honing for control and accuracy play.