Inconsistencies in settings between 4key games

Currently I play Etterna, osu!mania, and Quaver; all of which have different ways of handling things like scroll speed, arrow sizing, receptor spacing, and really noteskins in general.

Has anyone found a way to reliably match these things between clients (at least with etterna and osu)? I can’t seem to figure it out, google hasnt provided me with many decent results, and im getting tired of the adjustment period when i switch games

There’s no one size fits all method, the best you can do is to open up both clients and adjust them side by side.

Surely it can be done. my next step (if this doesnt pan out) is to look through the code for osu!lazer to see if i can convert an osu!mania scroll speed value into a given CMOD value (assuming every other setting is the same)

Don’t really need to overthink it, just adjust until you feel they are the same