IM@SCGSP3 Submissions Thread

Welcome to the submissions thread for THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS SOLO PROJECT III

This is a 6k/solo only pack. Greetings, producers!! I’m back at it again with yet more idols and even more love to share for them! If you share the same love for idols as I do (and burn in idol hell as I do), then please continue reading! My previous IM@SCG packs were limited to only my personal contacts for ease of organization. But this time, I’d like to extend my invitation to all producers out there willing to chart for my pack. I originally wanted to complete it solo, but I don’t believe that I can complete this project on my own with what I have in mind. With this pack, I will be aiming ever higher to improve the quality of the pack, its charts, and the overall aesthetics. It will be a larger undertaking than I’ve done before, but I won’t lose and I’ll ensure that the pack is done as soon as I can manage it!

Here are the rules and what I will be expecting with your submissions:

1) M@STER Versions Only!

To stay consistent with my previous pack releases, I will only be accepting charts included with the full M@STER version of all CG songs. I realize that this is a lot to ask for, but please understand! I unfortunately will not be changing this rule. I also will not provide any music for the charter. It’s not like idol music is bad for you or anything!

2) Chart Quality

I’d like to ask for more experienced 6k charters (if there are any left!) to consider creating charts for my pack. That doesn’t mean that newer charters shouldn’t submit, however! I don’t mind newer charters submitting their creations, but please understand that these projects are very dear to me and I will be looking at all submitted files with heavier scrutiny. I ask for your patience if I seem overly critical in your reviews!

3) Chart Expectations

All charters are expected to create technically correct charts that are higher on the difficulty spectrum. I will be introducing MASTER+ charts (AKA oni/challenge) to this pack to appeal to the higher-skilled players, so please take off your gloves and hit me with your best shot! If you can make easier difficulties on top of your main chart, even at least one easier difficulty to supplement your main chart, that’d be great and very much encouraged (to help me with expediting project completion), but not required. Otherwise, I will be creating the easier charts to include alongside yours. Please take note of the example included here.

Similarly to IM@SCGSS, M+ difficulty introduced a new mechanic. I want to follow suit here in this pack. Please challenge yourself in your creative process and include a minor/moderate, but sensible usage of rolls, mines, and lifts. I will not accept charts with fake notes. If there are any mistakes or concerns, I’ll include them in the review post.

4) Re: CDtitles, Banners, Backgrounds, Graphics, etc.

I will be creating all of the cdtitles, banners, and backgrounds for all songs. The only thing that I will need from you are your preferred alias and chart(s). However, if you would like to assist me with this, please contact me through Discord or FFR PM for further details.

5) Song Type Variety

Depending on the pack’s total song type composition, some songs may or may not be available. What I mean by this is that IM@SCG songs are categorized into 4 types: Cute, Cool, Passion, and Tricolor. I want to strive for a relatively equal balance of each idol song type in the pack to avoid any heavy bias towards a certain category.

And those are the rules! I realize that I’m being a little selfish with these guidelines, but I feel like I have to do so to ensure that quality control is maintained for these packs so that players can enjoy them to the utmost. There is no real tentative deadline for the pack because of how inactive solo/6k is, but I’ll continue to work hard to make a speedy release! If you truly still want some form of release date, I would estimate some time in Q2 2021 with the rate that I am currently going, but don’t hold me too strictly to it! Please submit your charts to me via FFR PM or Discord (Kinx#2448). Thank you all so much for reading and I look forward to your submissions! If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to DM me or leave a reply here.

Here are links to the previous packs to keep track of which songs have already been charted.

Current Songlist (37/30)
Arakane no Utsuwa - Hajime Fujiwara
Babel - Dimension-3 (Shiki Ichinose, Asuka Ninomiya)
Brand new! - Akari Tsujino, Akira Sunazuka, Tsukasa Kiryu
Blessing - Kaede Takagaki
Claw My Heart - Mirei Hayasaka
comic cosmic - Mayu Sakuma, Hayate Hisakawa, Yuka Nakano, Chie Sasaki, Yuko Hori
Driving My Way - Chitose Kurosaki, Ryo Matsunaga, Natsuki Kimura
Fascinate - VelvetRose (Chitose Kurosaki, Chiyo Shirayuki)
Frederica, Neko Yameru yo - Frederica Miyamoto
Furachi na CANVAS - Sachiko Koshimizu, Syuko Shiomi, Yumi Aiba
Girls In The Frontier - Rin Shibuya, Mirei Hayasaka, Natsuki Kimura, Miho Kohinata, Syuko Shiomi
Gossip Club - Sexy Gals (Yui Ohtsuki, Rina Fujimoto, Mika Jougasaki)
Great Journey - new generations (Uzuki Shimamura, Rin Shibuya, Mio Honda)
Kagayake! Beat Shooter - Beat Shooter (Haru Yuuki, Ria Matoba)
Kurenai - Syoko Hoshi
Märchen Debut! - Nana Abe
Mirror Ball Love - Frederica Miyamoto, Atsumi Munakata, Shizuku Oikawa, Hina Araki, Yuki Himekawa
Mujuuryoku Shuttle - Nana Abe, Rika Jougasaki, Minami Nitta, Yumi Aiba, Rinna Tada
Needle Light - Cyber Glass (Haruna Kamijo, Hina Araki)
O-ku-ri-mo-no Sunday! - Miroir (Hayate Hisakawa, Nagi Hisakawa)
Odoru FLAGSHIP - Miho Kohinata, Shin Sato, Karen Hojo
OTAHEN Anthem - Riamu Yumemi
Pretty Liar - Mysterious Eyes (Kaede Takagaki, Kanade Hayami)
Private Sign - Syuko Shiomi
PROUST EFFECT - Shiki Ichinose
Psychic! Party Night☆ - Yuko Hori
Slow Life Fantasy - Anzu Futaba
Snow*Love - Nina Ichihara, Shizuku Oikawa, Yui Ohtsuki, Aiko Takamori, Yoshino Yorita
Souyoku no Aria - Dark Illuminate (Ranko Kanzaki, Asuka Ninomiya)
Spice Paradise - Positive Passion (Mio Honda, Akane Hino, Aiko Takamori)
Step&Skip - One Steps (Hiromi Seki, Hotaru Shirageki, Nono Morikubo)
Sugar Heart☆Revolution - Shin Sato
TAKAMARI☆CLIMAXXX!!! - Hinako Kita, Yuzu Kitami, Hikaru Nanjo, Akane Hino, Yuki Himekawa
Trust Me - Nana Abe, Mio Honda, Karen Hojo, Kako Takafuji, Fumika Sagisawa, Shiki Ichinose, Mayu Sakuma, Hikaru Nanjo, Hinako Kita
Tulip - LiPPS (Kanade Hayami, Syuko Shiomi, Mika Jougasaki, Frederica Miyamoto, Shiki Ichinose)
Yume no Kyrie ~Ochiru Hoshi no Shirabe~ - Ranko Kanzaki
ØωØver!! - * (Asterisk) (Miku Maekawa, Riina Tada)

Bear in mind that the songs listed above currently contain only the M+ difficulties. When the pack reaches its song number requirement, I will then shift my focus to completing the rest of the songs’ difficulties (for a total of 5 charts per song) and their banner/BG graphics. Finalizing the pack for release will begin when these tasks are done.