Im hitting the notes correctly but the game says im hitting early

I started getting serious with etterna a few days ago. Since then, I have noticed that when I play, I hit most of my notes early even though I know for the most part that I am hitting them with more accuracy than the game says im hitting.

It could be possible that I just suck at the game lol, but I still want to ask just in case. I usually play on judge 4-6.

If this breaks any rules of any kind i’ll delete the topic if its needed, I’m VERY new to this game and community. Thanks!

do you know you can change offsets?

Yeah. I did that but It still says I’m hitting early. I’m probably guessing its more of an accuracy problem than a game problem.

we need to see a score

oops, yeah ill find an example. When I played this, I somehow got a -14ms mean. I dont know if that is normal or not. Once again I am very new at this game.

you do have a hitting early issue

if it sounds like you are hitting completely on time and you are hitting early as a result, it is an offset issue
if you need a placebo to shift mean, moving the notefield vertically, moving visual delay, changing scroll speed can all mess with it too

Alright, Ill look into the offset a bit more and see what I can do with that. Ill also look into the other stuff you mentioned and get back with you here if it works. I appreciate the help.