ID2 learns to jumpstream but can't actually hit things on time

Hi, first post here! Been playing on and off over the past year. Recently had a huge skill boost on Saturday, and thought I should keep track of some progress on the forums instead of spamming in a random Discord channel.

Not a great score, but this was what kicked me off. This chart on 1.0 was one of my biggest JS/tech goals a few months ago. Felt like I could have got this AA on a better day (little did I know if I played this a bit sooner I might have secured it).

Angel of Darkness was one of my main goals from over a year ago. Probably still one of my most hated files, but I was recently able to read the trill transitions in the middle and nearly got a 93%. Really random how I went from falling behind in the OH-trills to reading it mostly fine. Whoever assigned this chart a difficult of 4.5 in the Stepmania Guidelines is stupid, same with Dr.Wily at 3.8 (???). Still have to work on my OH-trill JS skills.

AoD officially harder than Grief and Malice. Another insane moment for me, I didn’t expect to come close to an AA this soon. I guess the light JS practice was worth it. I’ve had better plays on the chordjacks, but I was running out of mental stamina from the nerves so this will do.

One of my next JS goals achieved. Had some close scores to AA, so I thought I could tackle this if I got close to AA on Grief and Malice. Along with this, I was also aiming for 405nm, Night of Core, and Future Maker AA. Glad I decided to play this right after.

Carried my momentum and did way better than I expected. Another big AA goal for me.

Momentum started to crash and I was finally feeling physical stress in my hands. I was decided whether to play Night of Core or Future Maker, and decided with this because I remembered this chart to being a bit less dense (not sure if it is tbh). Still really good up until the end, probably could have AA’d if I played this earlier.

This is not really that good of a score, but on an average day, I would run out of stamina 2/3 of the way. I remembered when I thought 1.0 was easier than Game Time, but on rates the rolls and patterns kind of throw me off. Stamina is not really something I work on, considering I tend not to play charts that are longer than 3 minutes, unless I feel like improving on my index stream stamina.

My next goal is to finally AA Grief of Malice and Angel of Darkness. Night of Core is probably free by the time I AA both. Perhaps my next major target after Grief and Malice is Electrick U-Phoria, but I think that might be shooting a bit too far. Probably won’t happen for a while if I play at the rate I did last year, but no harm in trying. Accuracy is pretty bad I know, but it’s something I plan on working much later.


That grief and malice is nice, same for 405nm good job

One of the biggest things that people tend to ignore when posting scores is actually describing why they are posting it. Kudos for actually taking the time to allow me to familarize myself with your goals, and the more specific aspects of how you felt and what you were playing.

It feels great when things just sort of click doesn’t it? I’m sure AoD and Grief and Malice are right around the corner at this point! Great progress! I would recommend trying to incorporate stamina into your play, if only a little. It can transfer over to speed stamina as you do, and gives you a good excuse to train control as well. Even if it’s just one 5+ minute stamina oriented thing in a session, get acclimated!

Thanks guys! @Foxfire I’ll definitely take that advice! Ever since I moved from o!m to Etterna and avoided long stamina charts, I’ve noticed my sessions going from 2-3 hours to an hour and a half at best before burning out. Time to rebuild some discipline! Also got a few goals out of the way:

I made this a goal to AA 3 days before to build some wrist stamina for Cinema 1.1 and other long-jack files in the future. A few days of grinding I got it.

Started a session today hoping to finally AA Heart Gear even though the weekly challenge is done. Mission failed, but after doing a bit of light JS warmup (Moon-Gate 1.1 and Paraclete), I decided to try Grief and Malice again. The result was unexpected, but it made my night. Reading light JS was super smooth today.

After thinking not much about this file other than thinking its underrated, I decided to focus on getting a 96%+ on 1.1 hoping that it would develop my reading for the trills in AoD (maybe that’s the secret to finally crushing it). I’m still struggling on trying to read the hard trilly part, but once I figure that out, I’ll give AoD another try.

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On and off playing, feels like all of my skill-sets have improved in some way:

Getting better with dense stream-y JS. Starchild is not too far from being AA’d.

Had a strong run for 0.7x, so I decided to give 0.8x a try. Happy with how my wrist stamina has improved over the past 2 months.

Easy 265 streams. Next is Chipwrecked.

Random tech goal achieved. Need to improve on my fastjacks.

EDIT (don’t want to make another post so soon):

Got Chipwrecked the next day! Honestly I don’t know what to think about this score. The beginning and middle were fair game, but overall it felt like a giant fluke; sort of mashed the ending at some point without a hard CB-rush and got back on track. Whenever a [1][2][3][2][1] stream would appear, I would get flustered knowing its pretty hard to hit (trilling with a [2][1] motion is unstable for me). Next speed goals are SOS, We Eat at Five Five Five Guys, and Shannon’s Theorem.

Every time I aimed for 96% for this file, I always CB-rush somewhere in the second half. Not this time.

The next question is when is AoD AA?

solid improvement yo

Thanks bws!

Mirror cheesed the AA! Never touching this chart again. I’ve developed so many mindblocks from spamming this chart back when I played o!m, and it only got worse and worse the more I tried to go for a AA. Mirror doesn’t really work if there’s mindblocks in the middle/end, because it just swaps them.
This part in particular is really bad. I was able to overcome it by downrating it, but as I memorized the patterns more, the worse it got. It got so bad that I started practicing the whole rest of the stream, and now I have the rolly JS mindblocked so it’s unplayable. Lesson learned, fuck rolly JS, and never grind a chart to improve on the patterns (at least until I’m able to get 97%+ on it).

Been playing plenty of OH-trill JS and jump+splittrill transition charts. Stamina in general has been improving for the last few months. Next goals are Death Waltz 0.9 and Together We Can Make It 0.9+ AA.

Could have sworn this was harder.

More dense JS goals achieved! The middle-end stream is really where the whole chart happens, while the beginning is there to drain mental stamina. Aiming for 96%+ now since most of the chart is just filler.

Also just realized all of my scores from AoD to now are mirrored. I guess it makes the rest of those scores sightreads :blush:

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All skill-sets now 20+ MSD without too many overrated scores! Had two days worth of good sessions. Unfortunately my hands are on cooldown right now so I might as well post some scores.

Scores were set between Aug 11 and 12.

135 BPM bursts of handgluts. Also part of DD’s 6th dan jack core completed (I mean I also passed his selected 8th dan speed chart too lul). Major goal since I beat his selected 5th dan jack chart. Good wristjacking usually means I’ll have a bomb session.

No stamina issues along the way.

Shoegazer’s dan 5 boss chart completed. Wasn’t the cleanest handstreaming, or early JS part for that matter, but it’s progress in the right direction. Almost good enough to say I could properly handstream, but I’ll wait until Quadraphinix 1.0.

Been playing quite a bit of Skwid stream files for the past year. Probably my best stream score outside of hi19hi19 files. Had like two or three serious attempts in other good sessions over the past 2 months before I finally got the AA. Stamina was always the killing factor, but I guess I can’t expect to hit multiple waves of 280 BPM streams without tiring out. Moving on to Lemon, Tachyon and Arpia speed now.

Thought I posted somewhere that I was planning on setting this as a major goal. Oh well, I’m VERY close to having this AA’d, and I guess by DD’s dans standards I’d be dan 5 as well.

Second serious attempt at this, first time got screwed over by the grace notes on the jumpstreams at the end. Figured if I could almost get Elektrick U-Phoria I could destroy this. I guess after this, I can start exploring the 5+ minute IcyWorld files.

A very fair chordjack score. Now I’m kind of lost with where I should go for chordjacks, but I guess I’ll focus on fast longjacks now instead since I suck at those.

Just one of these files where you can or cannot play, period. Brutal dense trilly JS with tricky transitions in split-trills … if I wasn’t in the zone for the first 80%, then ran out of stamina and almost crashed.

Midare’s files are hella underrated. Fun file, but too repetitive, and a bit too long before I ran out of mental stamina. Definitely going to spend my next few sessions tackling Midare and Minty charts.

More Midare! The graph makes it look terrible, but I could have sworn that this was easily my best speed-tech play by far.

Cooling down with an extremely overdue speed score. Lack of LN skill causes me to fuck up the ending numerous times, and I couldn’t tell if that was because I was mindblocked, or I need a better skin for holds.

I’m proud to see myself playing in the 20 MSD range now; thought it would never happen.

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Been over two years since my last post, wanted to share a huge milestone. 2020 was huge jumpstream gains, and 2021 was gluts.

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