I need help with skin notes


Is there any way to change notes of the skin, if so, how should I change them?



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Try hitting enter twice when starting a song. That should open the player options. Alternatively, if using til death, you might see a “Player Options” label/text that you can click to open it without starting a song. In there, there’s a row/line for noteskin selection (Use left/right arrow keys to browse). Once done, simply scroll all the way down and hit enter. (NOTE: Unless something changed or my memory fails me, if you hit escape to leave the options, changes won’t save. It’s also possible the song preview noteskin wont update immediately.).

If you meant to ask how to “add” more noteskins than the ones that come with the game, simply get the noteskin (You might have to unzip/extract it, if you don’t know how to you can either google or ask here, I won’t mind much), and then put them in /etterna/NoteSkins/dance (Ex. /etterna/NoteSkins/dance/SuperNickNoteskinv3. Make sure it’s not a folder containing a single folder, and that it contains at least a couple lua files, a metrics.ini and maybe some images).

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I meant how to change color of the notes. Sorry for bad explanation but I’m not good at english



What noteskin do you want to edit?



I want edit waffles4 noteskin, but nvm, I’ve already learned how to edit the notes. I just simply edited it in mspaint.

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