I get random 500-2000ms lagspikes while playing any chart from any of the packs i have and i don't know how to fix it

Exactly what i said in the title, let’s say im playing elder dragon legend and i have a 99 or something like that, 3/4 of the chart in and then a random 1 second lagspike strikes, and i lower my acc to an 80 or something like that (if i manage to not fail). It has ruined many of my scores, which i eventually get with many more attempts and it’s so fucking annoying. I’ve tried several methods to fix it, like changing to “d3d, opengl” in preferences.ini, trying a lot of different fps-efficient settings, playing fullscreen and windowed with different resolutions, manually changing priority to real time in task manager, checking for windows updates, a bunch of different noteskins and a bunch of different gameplay setups. None of those have worked and i still get lagspikes from nowhere, despite running etterna at about 300 fps avg. Pls tell me if there’s any other method that i can try

preferences.ini, drop the FrameLimit and FrameLimitGameplay to something below your average fps

and consider getting something that can push 1000 fps in gameplay

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I forgot about it but I also tried it before, saw it on a reddit post about this and that’s why i had 300fps avg. Can you explain what do you mean by this?

better hardware

also try to reduce the amount of things running in the background. basically the reason for any stutter in this game is limited to that - the running process being preempted by something else trying to run at the exact moment a frame is being sent to the gpu or parking for some other related reason

discord and google chrome are pretty good at doing this in non specific intervals

(people seem to report “multiple seconds” of stutter time without any sort of proof and im honestly not believing it btw so if it really is that bad im hard blaming your computer)

Something worth mentioning is that I have kinda the same problem when i play osumania, except I also notice a bit of latency on top of that, but im able to fix it by alt tabbing out of osu and pausing once in that session, which i can’t really do in etterna. Anyways thank you for helping!