How to improve rating?

So ive been playing Etterna for a while and I’ve been getting good scores (for my skill level) but my main rating doesn’t get any higher. Do I need to do some type of ■■■ to increase my rating?

You need to play maps that give a lot of pp.

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You probably won’t see jumpstream, handstream, or chordjacks go up that much until you reach the double-digits when those patterns actually show up, so your overall ratings will look low (as it takes the average of all minus lowest or something like that) despite getting scores that are double what you are currently rated.

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ID2 pretty much nailed it. Jumpstream, handstream, and chordjacks all require specific note setups to get any serious rating in them, and at low difficulty levels, they seldom appear. Your overall rating is an aggregate of the 7 categories, so you can excel in one area but be dragged down by a lack of exposure to others.

For instance, I’ve played MSD 16-18 charts focused around stream and technical ratings a lot, but haven’t played a lot of handstream or chordjack charts. It’s to the point where I played a 13 focused around chordjacks today and got a notable jump in my rating.

At the level you’re playing at right now, it’s probably nothing to worry about. You’ll get to these other categories of patterns once you advance.

You just need to work on your shortcomings. If you’re under 20msd, here’s a pack list Pack Guide for Efficient and Fast Improvement for Beginners and Intermediate Players