How to chart like a pro!

Hello, I’m Fyter, professional Etterna charter. You may know me for Fyter’s Simfiles 1 and nothing else, and today, I’m here to tell you how to chart!

Step 1: Pick a song.
Ideally, if you’re a beginner, you want to start by picking more simpler songs with simple rhythms. Any genre will do.

Step 2: Open ArrowVortex.
ArrowVortex is, at the time of writing this, the standard for StepMania charting. It offers a multitude of tools, including easy playback, note/beat tick, timing options, simple note selection, and more.

Step 3: Close ArrowVortex.
Just close it.

Step 4: Open the built-in StepMania editor.
StepMania 5 should have a built-in editor. It works quite well for what it’s intended.

Step 5: Close StepMania.
Just close it.

Step 6: Open the .sm file with Notepad++.
Editing the chart should be rather easy, although you won’t be able to playback anything through it.

Step 7: Close Notepad++.
Just close it.

Step 8: Go outside.
Seriously just why would you ever do that please just go outside meet people become an active member of society just anything else other than that you will go down an inescapable spiral of misfortune and isolation it is not worth it

(for all intents and purposes this is a joke post, do not take anything said here seriously)


Followed all the steps, got covid 4/10