How should i work on improving accuracy?

i recently started playing exclusively j7, that being said im not very good on it. i was wondering how should i go about improving my accuracy. i have been thinking about going down to j5 and working my way up to j7, but i dont know how much or to what degree should i play j5. how should i generally just go about improving my acc?

Always play on Judge 5 to gauge a sense of improvement in your accuracy and take breaks from training and return back when you feel ready to continue through training.
Go to Judge 6 when you have good accuracy on Judge 5 and move to Judge 7 when you have good accuracy on Judge 6.
Only play Judge 5 on files you normally play and reserve high judges for lower tier files.
You can also train consistency and some accuracy by using assist ticks. This method is commonly used for getting tight accuracy on some files but has been seen for training accuracy by people like IcyWorld.
Accenting helps in ways to keep you in track with the music and so you don’t get lost.
Ghost stepping/tapping is a good way to keep you on beat to hit more accurately (don’t ghost tap on receptors that have notes coming up)
Watch your mean and error bar to gauge how late you hit, if you have a 2x6 judgment on Etterna, you should be good for this aswell for a quick way to see how late or early you hit.
A good video to watch for more tips is Etienne’s 5 Ways to improve your accuracy in rhythm games video for more in depth information.
I hope this helps!

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Just because people tell you to play higher judges does not mean you should play them.

Higher judges may improve your sense of timing but only if you’re able to play it, generally if you get less greats than CBs you may want to up your judge.
Sticking to J4 will not really hinder you unless you’re trying to RA something…
Bad window is standardized on every judge is the same so you will not get less cbrushes with judges either.

I’ve found higher judge play makes it easier to get a feel for hitting tighter windows automatically. You’re right, if you’re flat out not able to play a judge, it won’t help you, however I view that the same way i view playing charts that are out of your range in terms of speed or stamina.

The key to acc training is don’t be afraid to play charts that are “too easy” for you, because theres almost always still plenty of room for improvement on them. If J7 is a little too daunting on like 10-15 msd files, start out with J6 or go down into the <10 MSD range to just get a feel for the timing you need to hit.

It won’t make you better at accuracy overnight and its just as much work as improving other skillsets (and arguably more frustrating due to the seemingly random nature of ruining a run because you hit a judgement you didnt want), but if its a skillset you feel you need work on and you want to improve, higher judges are a great entrypoint into doing so.