How many users connected in a gameroom?

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I’m new here and I represent a Chilean community that would like to host an etterna online tournament.
we wanted to know, how many people can be connected in a game room simultaneously and How the cheat system works?

We’ll appreciate your answers
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Theoretically, there is not a limit to how many players can be in a Multiplayer lobby. The list itself supports up to 32 visible. In the game code, there isn’t a really defined hard limit. 32 would be a safe bet.

I’m interested in seeing how far it can really go if you actually have more than that. We have never truly stress tested the server before. The most I have ever seen in a single lobby is 9 people.

There is no particular anticheat system, but I assume you mean chat system.
Insert will toggle the chat window opened and closed. LeftCtrl+Enter or just “/” will focus the chat window for typing.
All players must /ready or press the Ready button on the screen before the game can start. A room host or member with /op permissions can also force the game to start by clicking the Force Start button or by typing /force.
A list of some more useful commands is available in the /help menu.

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Thanks for the answer. I really mean cheat because we want to minimize or simply not worry about timming modifications or stuff like that.

I really appreciate your fast answer

Unless players modify the game themselves by editing the C++ and recompiling, all scores in the evaluation screen will be shown as Judge 4. Anyone can really use whatever window they want.
I can’t guarantee seeing everyone score will work well with more than 6 people though, since it wasn’t expected that many people will fill the evaluation leaderboard and its a hackjob to begin with.

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Thanks and we looking forward to make this Tournament