How do you actually update Etterna?

When I open Etterna, it says that there’s a new update and to click a box to update. When I click that box it brings me to a page with a bunch of information about the update and a few downloadable files at the bottom.

Do I download all of those files? If so, where do I put them once I’ve downloaded them. Also, will this compromise any of my existing scores, or will it just convert everything I’ve done to WIFE3?

Also, another weird problem. I was playing some songs with BPM changes (Chaos terror mix for example) earlier and everything was fine. The chart ran as intended. Later today, I opened Etterna again, and tried to play those songs. It’s as if all of the stops are now gone from the charts and they just play through in one continuous flow (which obviously messes up the rhythm of the chart) whether I play it on X or C mod.

Can anyone help me with these two issues? It’d be greatly appreciated.


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Regarding your first questions, you’re only supposed to download one of the files from the Github releases page, depending on the operating system you’re using:

-The .exe files are for Windows users. Download the i386 file if you have a x86 architecture, or download the x64 file if you have a x64 (i.e. 64-bit) architecture. If you don’t know which one you have, search in Windows for System Information to look this up.
-The .dmg file is for Mac users.
-The source codes are for Linux users, who have to build the game from source in order to run it.

Once you download the correct file, you either run the executable or build the program as necessary - the “Installing” section on the main Code page of Etterna’s Github goes over the specifics.

Regarding WIFE3, existing scores can be converted to WIFE3. The details for this were described under the release notes for Etterna 0.69.0.

Assuming a conversion doesn’t happen automatically, if you go to the Scores tab on any song, you should see options to upload scores for specific songs/packs, or to “move every ZIG”, which uploads all of your scores. Doing this also causes a conversion of all the scores to WIFE3. Someone more intimate with the ratings calculator than me should tell you whether or not this is a good idea right now, though, since the calculator is going through some rather major changes at the moment.