How do I claim authorship of a chart?

this said ‘Unknown’ but it is by me

I am not sure how many other chart authors have a problem of this kind, but it would be helpful to have a “claim this chart” feature

(my authorship is dated at

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hi arch hope you are doing well and Happy New Year :smiley: a claim button would be nice :slight_smile:

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for this particular case on this specific file, we have your cdtitle, a readme with your signature, and your name on the folder name. the reason it shows up as unknown is because the #CREDIT field is empty in the .sm

so you have credit as long as someone looks hard enough. we dont really do any retroactive data cleanup unless its seriously offensive content. maybe in the future when we start to rerank all the packs or reorganize the site contents. uncredited or miscredited old files is very common

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