Hide the in game BPM display?

Maybe I’m missing it, but I’ve dug through the game options, as well as going into customize gameplay mode, and can’t seem to find a way to disable the BPM and rate x at the bottom of the screen.

I’m trying to set things up super minimally to reduce distractions, I don’t have judgements or anything showing… It’s literally the only thing besides the notefield that is still showing and I want it gone !~!!


I think that is being worked on and is going to be disableable in a future version (next version?)

Until then you can also disable the BPM and music rate display by deleting the relevant lines in the game code (in Etterna directory under Themes/Til Death/ somewhere, don’t have time to find it rn)

Cool, if its getting worked on I can wait. I tried poking around a bit in the files, but couldn’t find anything.

Thanks !!

It isn’t being worked on but yeah I think I read this post a few days ago and thought to myself I would get it done for the next update

so yeah it’s being worked on

if you want to remove it for now, you can find it hiding somewhere in themes/til death/bganimations/screengameplay overlay/wifejudgmentspotting.lua
its some bpm bitmaptext and a rate bitmaptext

Awesome! I looked inside of wifejudgementspotting.lua and found 2 sections, Music Rate Display

and BPM Display, and commented them out. worked great!

Thanks a lot!!