Help switching from vanilla Stepmania to Etterna

I’ve recently found out about etterna and heard that it was better tuned for keyboard players, so I decided to give it a shot. I’ve been playing stepmania for almost 3 years now, and I have to say trying to get used to etterna has been difficult. I believe the biggest issue for me is how the notes only disappear if you hit them with marvelous timing (I think?), while on stepmania they’ll disappear no matter what the timing. So, I was wondering if there were any way I could change that, along with if anyone has any tips for going from stepmania to etterna (unless I just have to get used to it). Thanks!

advanced options
hidenote judgment

Oh nice, thanks a ton!!!

i remember during conversion i was frustrated by added mechanics. i don’t know their names. they punish your for pressing an extra key or hitting too early.

this exists in stepmania

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i was able to press all keys to hit jacks in default sm5.

You’re looking for Chord Cohesion. Etterna allows you to mash a lot less than StepMania due to the fact you can judge any note in a chord without all the keys in the chord needing to be activated first. Very abusable mechanic for dense patterning (e.g. HS, gluts, CJ). Jacks should be wholey unaffected unless you’re talking about either splitting very badly on like hand/quadjacks or gluts/CJ.

if you want to be able to press all keys to hit jacks in this game you came to the wrong game

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woah, you immediately assumed i was an osu!mania player. nobody else is deviant enough to defend mashing.