Heavy metal thread

Basically post your favorite metal albums, recommend music to others and shit like that.

I’m gonna start off with my 5 favorite thrash albums.

  1. Bio-Cancer - Tormenting the Innocent (2015)
    Vocals are the main reason I like this album. Sure they can get boring after a while since the vocalist doesn’t really expand anywhere. Riffing is great, drums are good, and the bass is in there somewhere.
    Favorite song: Bulletproof

  2. Suicidal Angels - Eternal Damnation (2007)
    To be honest you can listen to the first song of the album and basically that’s it. They don’t really expand beyond that but anti-christian lyrics, strange tempo changes and great vocals, riffs make this album what it is.
    Favorite song: Crematory

  3. Joel Grind - The YellowGoat Sessions (2013)
    So my dude joel takes the formula of toxic holocaust makes it a bit more evil and releases a great black/thrash album in two days. There is not much to tell if you heard any of his earlier works. The entire album sounds kinda the same, drumming sucks dick but hey vocals and riffs are fucking great and that’s all that matters
    Favorite song: Cross damnation

  4. Razor - Shotgun Justice (1990)
    Fast, violent, intense do you need anything else? Well maybe better production but honestly it doesn’t matter since this album even with shit production is more aggressive and better than most stuff you gonna hear.
    Favorite song: Parricide

  5. Sadus - Illusions (1998)
    Basically it’s in your face straightforward thrash, vocalist shrieks like a banshee, riffs are fast and technical, drumming is extreme and you can actually hear the bass.
    Just go listen to this you fuckers.
    Favorite song: Torture

ok for some fucking reason numbering is broken
basically the last album is my favorite 9 is the 1 :^)

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wtf actual content ???
also cool album art, will listen

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Well this is a thread I can appreciate!

Haven’t really listened to that much thrash myself lately as the genre has kinda fallen off the radar. Those Razor and Sadus albums are sick, have never heard of Bio-Cancer though, gotta check it out. I’m mostly a metalcore idiot nowadays but I will always have an appreciation for more extreme metal of all kinds, and do listen to power/heavy metal too from time to time. Judas Priest’s Firepower is a fuckin sick album btw. All hail grandpa metal.

The new Born of Osiris dropped btw. The album is very short as they are apparently releasing another album later this year. It’s ok. This new video song is good.

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Never been huge on deathcore so gonna check out their new album later.

And yea thrash is kinda dead but there are some bands that try to do something new. Also what I like doing is trying to dig up old forgotten albums and listen to them. Some of them are hidden gems like Entrance by a.r.g

A.R.G. is a Finnish band :finland: I actually own their album “One World Without the End” as a physical copy haha

Have you ever heard of Aspid? I used to listen to this album a ton when I was into Coroner and Vektor hardcore

It’s really good

Yea I really like them. Also the song you linked sounds sped up.

Apparently the rerelease is sped up…I think it’s the one I always listened to :grimacing:

Damn never knew that might give a listen to that release.

Apparently there are two rereleases of the album. One in 2007 which is sped up, and one in 2014 which isn’t. I need to listen to the original version now lmao

COOL metal i have listened to recently is this:


Blackened deathened cored


Prog death

Thrash (kill em all 2 pretty much)

here’s something that got recc’d to me recently

Just listened to the born of osiris the simulation album and it’s pretty good. Memorable riffs and nice melodies.

lol that hellripper album sounds literally like toxic holocaust gonna listen to that later

gave within a world forgotten couple minutes of listening and it has that kvlt terrible production quality thing going kinda interesting i guess

I love The Fathomless Mastery so much

one of my gateways into death metal

Also @michiru if you like The Simulation listen to The Discovery that album is epic

I’m drunk and posting deathcore i dont care and fuck religion and all that shit yea xXxXx o0o

I just wanted to mention when i was in high school i had to hold a presentation about something i love and i held it about this song

Gonna listen to that album later sometime.

How did the presentation go? I can’t imagine doing a presentation in front of people since i’m anxious as fuck

Idk I cant remember but i actually love being awkward as hell so thats probably the best description


main riff is one of my favorites

Yo this video is sick, hard to believe Planetary Duality came out 10 years ago.

I haven’t even listened to the newest Faceless album… (because the cover art looks really fucking stupid) wasn’t really a fan of Autotheism either but Akeldama and PD are classics to me.