Greatest player alive scores (AnMaO)

Hi i’m AnMaO and i thought about doing this like last year but i forgot every time i was going to do it and i was lazy too.

So if you don’t know who am i im AnMaO the best player of the century on every vsrg right now (etterna and call of duty) and i’m going to brag about every single score i make in the game, so with that out of the way let’s start.

i thought about rating my sessions so i will throw random numbers to valorate my sessions and so you guys realize how much of a beast i am.


7.5/10 just because of prom night, it was really good.

nice 98% and with a really solid PA, i could try to get this on 1.25 on a good session

this was a sightread so i don’t remember how this file was lool

the highlight of the session, currently the only 1.55 clear and also nobody is beating this score until 2032


8.7/10 overall a really insane session, the only problem with it was how short it was (1 hour)

i cannot believe i was actually PFCing this until the very last streams sections, idk if i can play it in more rates since the main issue with this file are the streams sections being very jack oriented (?) i feel like it is like that on the second and third column.

definitely one of my best clears ever on J5, there are some really insane sections on this mostly on the start. also this file is not even over a minute (0:58) at this rate.

i would say this is the highlight of the session since this is the first AA at this rate, (the other scores were too) it felt really natural and i didn’t struggle as much as i thought i would so overall a really solid score.


VSRG > call of duty

Sorry did i miss something lol

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no, call of duty is an official vsrg

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Those are big numbers. but what if you got even bigger numbers?

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i never cared about getting ‘‘big numbers’’. i will start caring about it whenever the new page gets out and the new diff calc gets implemented on it

even if the calc got near perfect i could never see myself caring about big numbers, it’s just not fun imo

maybe i expressed wrongly, what i was trying to say was i’m curious on what will be buffed and nerfed and to see where the leaderboards go, i have never sat in my chair and said ok im going to farm today because that’s super boring


post more scores tho

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