Grape Cola 3, it is the third

the pack (3)

essentially a true continuation of gc2, while i intended not to make a bigger pack at first i ended up doing it anyway because im a dumb fuck

huge ass appreciation towards everyone that’s allowed me to share their files in the pack, i love em a lot and would give lots of kisseses and hopefully you can appreciate em as much as i do because they do truly deserve all those kisseseseses

super cutes list thjat now that im writing it damn thats a lot of people

  • leopard(leo137)
  • SuddenDeath
  • flashnias
  • midgy
  • Xeuphroda
  • Blessia
  • Gekota(g)
  • velorine(velacnhjrone)
  • zaalseen
  • valerine(tim)
  • frolica
  • Rio1
  • midgy
  • DannyPX
  • elexire
  • Rurikon
  • Hylotl
  • LostCool
  • Evening
  • Cuckson
  • White Hare
  • Sherie
  • IceDynamix
  • -mint-
  • Zia
  • Beatmap
  • Kyrya
  • Drago
  • 2xThunder
  • chxu
  • Tealioz
  • 11Bit
  • RandomeLoL
  • Tyronix
  • Himlavalv
  • Big Mac(thats me actually)
  • Ska (also me)

aside, for better or for worse 98% of the gfx edits are always done by me, so I do gotta appreciate pack making for allowing me to learn some level of graphic designing

and everything about the pack handling is also just done by me so if theres any errors ycan blame me and just me

wrote some more irrelevant stuff like 2 weeks ago in a .txt in the pack so i wont write a long ass wall here

also shout out my mans phloxnm and ratsm for the uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh



nike sponsored pak

WOO GRAPEY COLER #3 :pregnant_man: :pregnant_man: :pregnant_man: :pregnant_man:


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hboly shit

i drink your cola

revivió el gaming

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grape cola?

GRAPE :grapes: COLA :wine_glass: 3 :three:

oh ma gawd
^ me rn

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congratulations on the delivery

nice one

Rurikon you are a legend for charting k-on

nike sponsored pak..

Thanks for the paq