Grape Cola 2 -Packelease- [Pack Release(When the package is released)]

sup, i made pack(2)

pakc song list thing

it is most certainly a pack(source:me)

donwload link of pa

credits of the cutes in the pack that i LOve for letting me put their files in my packarage that is only thanks to them im happy so happy with it, in the order I see them in the folder of course:

Hylotl, Sizuka, IcyWorld, Shiraishi, Hana, frolica, midgy, Merian, kauitsu, Shino, Xeuphroda, 11bit, Leo137, Lemmie, FelixSpade, Cadmium, Rachel, TheFalek, Evening, CrewK, Toyohime

or possibly also my marriage list



pack downloaded

package has been intercepted, preparing to download

omg new :grapes: pack to dl

adding this package to my songs directory

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second :grapes: paq :o

tupac - grape cola, my favourite song paq

mmmmmmmm slap that grape cola