Gorilla ReMaster Pack HELP WANTED

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I’ve been working on this pack for about 6 years now!! It’s my longest WIP yet and quite possibly the LONGEST AWAITED PACK OF ALL TIME, in some circles.

What is goin on??
The idea here is that I’m restepping most of the songs I charted for previous iterations of the Gorilla Minipack series, with more of an emphasis on technical accuracy and playability. I had a lot of creative ideas for my charts back in the day, but didn’t really have the skill to communicate them effectively in note form. This time around, I’ve spent much more time reviewing the charts to make sure they’re fun to play and offer a unique playing experience. I have several new songs that I’ve stepped since then that are going to go in the pack as well, to add some extra content so the pack isn’t strictly an upgraded copy of the old ones.

This is the part where you come in. I’m officially opening submissions for anyone that wants to make a chart for the pack! There are no requirements whatsoever as the pack doesn’t really have a theme to it; as long as your chart has some level of novelty, I would love to host it for you. I will accept any type of file at any length meant for any skill level, including jokes or troll files, because those can be fun sometimes too.
Beyond accumulating more stepfiles, I’m also looking for some people to help me put together the pack in other ways.

I’d like someone to help with GFX for pretty much every song in the pack. I’ve never had a knack for this as you can see in GMP3, where almost every banner/background is the same, which in my mind really diminishes the quality of a pack.
I think the pack would also benefit from having judges/reviewers for the files. I know there are a lot of small details that don’t get noticed when charting songs, and certainly some stylistic biases for each charter. I believe a second opinion on a file can easily make the difference between a disaster and a masterpiece.
If you are interested in assisting me, you can leave a message in this forum thread or on Discord @firstmiddlelast#6153, or spacegoitr lka in the EO server. Anyone willing to lend a helping hand will be much appreciated! And no, you won’t get paid. xd

When will it be released?
tl;dr: I have no idea
Like I mentioned in the intro paragraph, I’ve been working on GrMP for a very long time, with long bouts of inactivity in between brief periods of creativity and motivation. That said, there’s really no guarantee that I won’t keep up that pace for a while, in which case, I’m probably about 85% done with my current progress just in charting my own files. It’s been a slow process as I spend a lot of time scrupulously analyzing patterns, rhythms, and overall cohesiveness, with lots of my time spent just playtesting my own stuff. Early speculative estimates put the release date of GrMP somewhere around 3016, with updates putting it more in the ballpark of the mid 2020s. I think if there’s enough momentum I just may put the work in and within a reasonable margin of error could get the pack out THIS YEAR! If history teaches us anything that’s probably not gonna happen, but the pack, as far as just sheer playable content goes, is starting to come together! The more help I get from the community the quicker we can roll this bad boy out.