Good JackSpeed charts to practice?

Hi. im lights and i too like to push buttons.

I’m trying to keep a fairly balanced skillset however i’m running into a lot of trouble improving on jackspeed, could anyone recommend some quality jack-heavy packs to practice with? I’m currently rated at 18.44 in jackspeed however I don’t mind up or down rating if needed.

(bonus points for left-hand anchored jack patterns)

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I’m around your MSD so I can’t provide pro tips, but Mint Tearsand Haikei Goodbye Sayonara are some files I play that I think will get you started. I’m also interested in seeing what other people recommend.

Good recommendations.

Nuclear Kimchi chordjack pack seems like a good pack to focus on, i had some luck on other maps from the pack.

Yeah at 18 jackspeed you’re low enough on the chain that you could probably grab packs that focus on gluts and chordjacks and train both jack speed and also hone control and stamina. I see you already have Kimchi but you can also get Chordial Blitz, Oxicleaned, maybe some eastern stuff like SMOC 7th or above, Sanatenshin, stuff like that.

It’s harder to find pure longjack files in the teens area, and less so entire packs dedicated to it. You could try Xoon packs I suppose if you want some small longjack sections sprinkled into otherwise straightfoward files.

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search the #etterna channel in the discord for “jackspeed compilation”

very wide difficulty spread of jackspeed files from all over the place