Gettig Files re-stepped (Toy Box-Best Friend, Lady Gaga-Just Dance Remix)

So I managed to find a simfile for toys box’s song best friend seeing as the original one was deleted from off here, and I found a remix of lady Gaga’s song just dance the only issue is these simfiles were made for expert mode can anyone re-step these songs for medium and easy please i’ll drop the link below for both the simfiles I’d like to play them but they’re all on expert mode and impossible to play on my dance dance revolution mat with my family. The just dance simfile use to be on here from what heard before but it was removed I managed to track it down so any help is appreciated

these google drive links are private so they dont work. this is more a request for a pad forum - you already sent the same request to at least one other, i see. pad forums would be more fitted for this type of request