Gauging interest in a video series on charting

been playing around with this concept for a while in my head, but have recently begun writing this down and figuring out how to do this properly. the series will primarily be based on cosmovibe’s charting guide, and the goal is to chart a specific song from start to finish throughout the series. anything that might be too advanced and/or not particularly relevant to the song will be addressed in another video, using examples from pre-existing charts. I already have a few songs in mind for the main series, feel free to recommend some though. as a reference, one song I have in mind is eos by ginkiha. this would be primarily geared towards 4k charting, sm/etterna meta but should be applicable to other games like o!mania.

lemme know if this sounds like it would be helpful, and if so, what you might want to see in a video.


Uh, yes please, HELLO?

hell yeah. i would watch the fuck out of that.