Game detects 49 loaded songs, but all I can see on the song selct menu is - EMPTY -

Hello everyone !

I wanted to get back to playing rhythm games and heard of Etterna through one of my friends and decided to download the game…
I’ve downloaded 2 packs and put them in the “Songs” folder. When I load the game and go to Game Start, I cannot see any of the songs from the packs I’ve installed ! All I see is a column filled with - EMPTY -.
The game is telling me that there are 49 loaded songs in the bottom right, so why aren’t I able to see any of them ?

Thanks in advance for your help !

1.) you downloaded a non 4k pack and need to change gamemode (main menu -> options -> select game)
2.) you downloaded a 4k pack but you have the wrong gamemode selected (main menu -> options -> select game -> dance)

As Azrael stated, you have the wrong gamemode. Here are the gamemodes, and you’re most likely looking for Dance, the standard gamemode. Another tip I have is double press Enter once your files load, which will bring up your gameplay settings, very useful indeed!

Dance - The default game mode, which allows you to play 4k (four key, the default game mode), 6k (also known as “Solo”), and 8k (also known as “Doubles”).

Pump - A game mode also known as “Pump It Up” or usually abbreviated to “PiU”. This is a 5 panel/key game mode.

Kb7 - 7k.

Beat - A game mode known as “Beatmania” or “BMS”. This is a 5, 7, and 14 key game mode.