FNF!Mania Stepmania pack (OFFICIAL RELEASE)

Hey!! This is BiggEAlexx!! Recently, me and a couple friends did an FNF mod !! And I thought it would be cool to release this pack with all the songs and my charts in the mod!! Hopefully you enjoy!!

Songs include:

  • Bopeebo
  • Fresh
  • Dadbattle
  • Spookeez
  • South
  • Zero_One (Camellia Remix)
  • Hiasobi
  • Toxic Violet Cubes (For BSWC 2021)


  • Callie Mae - FNF Music
  • ChazbillYT - Art
  • BiggEAlexx (Me) - All Charting
  • Camellia - TVC, Hiasobi, Zero_One
  • The Living Tombstone - Original Zero_One song

Download Pack Here!!