Flow (kb pump double/10k pack release)

I posted this in the #pack-releases channel in the discord half a week ago, but didn’t think to post it on the forums until now.

dl: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_0TvJ4v1qzG_BSIswJxZDKhpIJvPSvF9
song list (originally intended for osu, so ignore the star rating): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NXuFnyi1TuBZHS4NR6l2rBDdfirrVxm2DVEwgdVlb7w

This was mostly charted in osu, because there’s a bigger 10k community there, but etterna apparently has pump support so I converted it over.

As the pack banner suggests, gfx is unfortunately pretty low-quality and mostly just google images/bg crops for banners.

Charts (at least mine) can also be unfortunately pretty low-quality, since part of the goal of making the pack was as a kind of learning experience.

  • thanks to 4649ceynou, DesKurisu, Freek, and kaythen for probably better charts though

Stuff is generally low difficulty/beginner level, in the hopes of maybe getting more people to play 10k (the other goal of this pack, since there are hardly any 10k charts to begin with, much less beginner-level ones).

About the difficulty ratings:
I didn’t really spend the effort to try and specifically rate the difficulty of each chart (10k doesn’t have much of a scale anyway apart from the BMS table and I’m lazy), so everything’s just given a difficulty of 1 (though I think overall the pack’s probably between lv1 and lv6 on the BMS table).

So instead of the number, use the name as a relative judge of things (side note: for those unaware, when playing pump NM is called “Freestyle” and HD is called “Nightmare,” because according to poco “it just do”).

About playing 10k:
If you’re used to playing just single/solo/double keep in mind that you need to change your gamemode to pump first in the options.

Where do the thumbs go?

  • if you’re not me and have a split-spacebar, then it should probably be ok
  • if not (or the split spacebar just doesn’t work), you can put your thumbs on the bottom row of letters, like [asdfv njkl;] (if you want, spacebar can be removed to make room for thumbs, and keycaps can be turned 180 degrees to be made more comfortable for pressing with your thumb)
  • or, left thumb on space and right thumb on right alt
  • or, left thumb on space and right thumb on right arrow key (with the other fingers on numpad)
  • etc.

it just do