FirstMaple8 and Casey2069's vicious MA rivalry: 'Til Death edition

Big MAs and Small sds is the name of the game. Exceptions for shit hit(s)/miss(es) if the MA is way better or if the MA is slightly better, and they are in an easy part. Repetitive files will be kept to minimum.


Starting with this one I got earlier today. It felt good, but of course foxfire is there to prove me wrong. Expecting Maple will as well.

I’m tired, so only one score. Will post more tomorrow.


Lost focus a couple of times. Messed up on some two hand trills.

ill be takin those scores next sesh :3

I better post more then :stuck_out_tongue:

preparing to get slain on all of these :no_mouth:

Not a bad white flag at all.

rly trashy sd/ra but that’s alright (not tryina john but my kb polling rate has a bit to do with it). j4 sdp definately surprised me.

super nice job on this one

Nice SDP on Hip2-2 I can’t touch that in the near future (will still play it a couple times lol). I’ll probably play 3 Sounds From 94 a few more times this week maybe quadable.

thanks, forgot to post these too.

Beat wormboy himself. Only had to grind it for 1 and a half years.

hell yee nice

Insane Beyond the Earth. Don’t hold your breath for an AAA.
99.85 on Bright Sound but it feels like I left a lot on the table, I should be able to close the gap within 30 days. The Mini spacing is pretty litty.