Final MSD scoring

First, sorry for my bad english

What is the formula of the final score?
All i know is you get the exact msd score for 93%, otherwise it must be some sort of calculation.

The algorithm that determines MSD is defined as determining the MSD at 93%, and for any given score you just run it again on the score you got

Sorry, but what i mean formula is the equation to calculate it, exam.:

FinalScore = [yada yada] * MSD

or something like that.

there is no formula

Right but MSD comes from somewhere right, so instead of

MSD = ???
ScoreRating = f(MSD)


MSD = MSDCalc(93%)

and, independently

ScoreRating = MSDCalc(score%)

I forgot MSDCalc exist, thanks for reminding me

But the thing is, is that available for lua theme-ing?