Filtering out 8K charts

I’m trying to use the in-game chart filter and random song selection. So I set a desired difficulty range then hit the random button and the game finds a corresponding song and chart.
The problem is that I want to play 4K charts exclusively and I can’t seem to find a way to filter out 8K charts from being picked.
Is there some way to filter out everything except 4K charts or is it actually impossible?

the ui currently does not have an implemented way to filter by keymode. some theme changes can be made to allow it to be possible

I see. Thanks a lot for this quick answer.

Thanks to poco0317’s answer I was able to find a solution.
You can modify the “10 WheelDataManager.lua” file in the Scripts folder of the rebirth theme and add:
function FilteringStepsType(g)
local passed = true
if g.GetChartKey then
– working with a Steps
if g:GetStepsType() ~= “StepsType_Dance_Single” then
passed = false
elseif type(g) == “string” then
– working with a Chartkey
local c = SONGMAN:GetStepsByChartKey(g)
if c:GetStepsType() ~= “StepsType_Dance_Single” then
passed = false
return passed

at the beginning of the file. Then you modify the line around the beginning that says
valid = nil,
and turn it into
valid = FilteringStepsType,

With this the game will stop displaying any chart that isn’t 4K and the random button won’t select them either. It’s not a clean solution since you can only modify your StepsType filter by directly editing that file, but I find it sufficient.

i wasnt expecting you to try to actually do it but thats why i made the musicwheel song data system in lua there for you. thats basically like half the work to add filtering everywhere