Exodus Dumps [Submissions Open]

so basically nobody knows what this is. So far I have a few friends making files with about 16 files in total (many unfinished).

If you want to submit some files for this, please be free to do so. There are a few requirements:

  • File must have a bg, bn and cdtitle
  • File must be timed correctly
  • File does not have to be completely playable (below 60MSD 1.0x)
  • File may not be able to crash the game
  • File must be above 30 seconds long
  • File must not have an annoying song (nothing ridiculously loud please)
  • If you submit multiple files, at least 1 must be below 37MSD (playable)

As you can see, this is going to be complete anarchy.
Here’s a discord server you can join and submit anything files you would like to that fit that criteria.
The discord server basically only has 2 rules, no nsfw/l, and no spamming. Everything else goes.

If you wish to join the server, here is the link: https://discord.gg/W3HnZdu
If you wish to contact me directly, here is my Discord username: Synoxa#8691

Have fun spamming random shit in a file!

is it a bad idea to have very loose criteria, resulting in most of the files being hot garbage? yes
will I still join and contribute to the pack? yes


obviously everything has to be hot garbage, that’s the point of the pack lol