EtternaOnline Community Pack 1 - Released

It’s finally here, the moment you’ve all been waiting for!!

The EtternaOnline Community Pack 1 is Released.

Click the image above to download the pack.

This pack was an undertaking by the entire EO community and the first of many to come (hopefully). You can expect a variety of files in this pack from technical files to dumps and generic fun JumpStream. The goal of this pack was to create files that are fun to play and I think we achieved that, this whole experience has been interesting and we’ve learned a lot for next time.

I would like to also point out that this pack has brought forward some fairly unheard of steppers and the stuff they make is great and I feel privileged to have been able to playtest and assign judges for them to help them improve their craft.

OK, there’s really not much more to say it’s time for the thank you list and it’s gonna be a big one boys.

GFX Work

HUGE thanks to Kraezyman, who made so many gfx sets it’s unreal.

Pixl, made graphics or something idk he got unbanned from EO he did good :slight_smile:
Cataclysm, made a few really cool looking sets with quite unique ideas.
Jole, made me question why anime isn’t more popular.
Ulti, thanks for the graphics my duder.
SuicidalNoob, thanks for the graphics!!
Sklitter, thanks for motivating people to make graphics :laughing:
Deamerai, coming in clutch at the last minute
Celebelian, thank you for the under pressure gfx work, it turned out beautiful
Gazelle, he’s the guy that made the pack banner, pretty cool stuff

This pack simply would not have been possible without the help of all of our experienced judges, they deserve a huge thank you for putting up with me and my bullshit and helping make all these charts better!

Deamerai, I can’t judge dumps… receives dumps :slight_smile:
Klaius, fast judge, top lad!
Lemonguy, he played so many files, because I was bad and gave me feedback… thanks laymon
Leo, dude how in depth did your review need to be… I loved it.
Orchid, worlds fastest judge, seriously files were receiving initial critique within 24 hours <3
Pixl, he did judging or smth idk he got unbanned from EO good job pixl.
Scintill, Mr. salad finger himself was a superb judge and got some of the toughest files, really appreciate the help.
Windoze, slow and steady wins the race, but thank you for the effort (this dude made a fucking slideshow as a review, next level)
Lofty, literally the slowest slavaboo in the world… but his reviews were detailed so i’ll let it slide <3
Tim, very nice reviews and only marginaly slow good job :slight_smile:
Elekton, I don’t know why I kept sending you dumps… i’m sorry ele, i’m sorry.

Another big thanks to everyone that playtested, especially the files I was not good enough to play and judge (Pixl & Lemon mainly).

And saving the best for last thank you to every single person that submitted, whether you were accepted or not you helped make the pack what it is and I hope you all keep charting for the second community pack. I love you guys, keep it up.


paq 10 characters

Wow whoever made that Two Door Cinema Club chart must be insanely handsome and smart

Kraezy with the god graphics

fuck it perc 3 million


What happened to October release for paq

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theropfather is god(^^)

paq!!! gfx-peeps are the real heroes

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