Etternans who are also well-known in the GD community?

Although not quite a rhythm game, Geometry Dash can still be placed within the broader class of “timing-based games”. In particular, lowering the number of attempts in clearing a generic Geometry Dash level requires you to recognize common patterns within levels, which is very similar to how you would improve your reading ability in Etterna.

That is why I would expect there to be a decent, if not significant, overlap between the two communities.

I know of SrGuillester and Sunix, but I’m not sure of anyone else. (I personally am not involved in the GD community, although someone I knew from high school is quite well-known.)

I played GD before Etterna but I wasnt really super-famous, I was called SUPER_Samurai_ / Dickson back in the day.

GD is for no life cucks

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GD was fun until it became much more about memorization rather than learning how to read

Also time machine is a good song