Etterna won't run on Macbook Pro

When I trying to open the program after downloaded, an error just showed and it said there is a problem.
My OS version is 10.14.6.

Can we see the comments or details of the problem you’re getting, so we can have more information on why Etterna isn’t launching?

I did look over on the Stepmania Github and found an issue with Catalina, which is MacOS 10.15, but I’m not sure if that’s relevant here, since you’re using 10.14 Mojave.

If I had to guess, it’s probably going to complain about missing libssl.
Show the error and confirm this.

If this is true, try to install libssl or openssl through brew.

This is the detail.

I installed OpenSSL and it works. Thank you.

I installed OpenSSL and it works. Thank you.

How do you install OpenSSL, for mac.

look it up, read the first post on this

thank you <3

i have another problem, just posted recently.