Etterna Video Game Pack - Submissions Closed

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If you don’t feel like joining the discord server, you can always send me submissions via my discord handle at Tim#7406 or the other judges (Zeta#0001 - DourGent#9610 - theropfather#0087 - Windoze#5122)

Hey ya’ll! I’m making another pack, this time in the spirit of the VGMP series. The title itself is pretty obvious, this is a pack entirely for video game music charts. The VGMP series has a special place in my heart as across all of its packs, there’s charts for almost every game I enjoy playing that isn’t Etterna. Having finished Valedumps for the foreseeable future, I want to try my hand at more stuff like this to continue releasing packs for the community albeit with a twist.

Submission guidelines -

0. “Video Game Music” is defined as music that was originally released as part of a video game’s soundtrack, so no licsensed songs. Just because a song was used in a game does not qualify it as video game music.

1. Files must have at least the bare minimum requirement of being synced, as well as the chart saved as an .sm (no .sscs, ptet) - this is to ensure that judges aren’t sitting there fixing any minor issues you could’ve addressed yourself before you submitted your file

2. No joke or dump charts unless they are included as a secondary difficulty, we’re trying to keep the overall difficulty of the pack accessible to everyone

3. Resteps of files specifically from past VGMP packs are not allowed, but you’re more than welcome to restep anything you’d like that isn’t from those packs

4. Music from the following rhythm games are not allowed: beatmania IIDX and all related bemani titles as well as Friday Night Funkin’ and all mods of the game. Rhythm game music is regularly charted across all VSRG, this pack is for stuff that isn’t from the latest IIDX or FNF mod. However, we will take charts of songs from games such as Rhythm Heaven and Parappa the Rappa (basically, niche titles)

5. Remixes and arranges of VGM tracks from any game are fine with exception to music from the Touhou series: Only original versions of tracks from mainline touhou titles, but arranges of music from Touhou fangames are fine

I look forward to working on this, hope ya’ll feel the same!


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