Etterna Scores -2019- THANOS CAR EDITION

post your scores here if you dont want to make the fifteen billionth personal thread

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make the thread name less retarded k thanks

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ok alright i will do that post limit 20 character

May as well.

Big minedodge score, latter half gets really gnarly at this rate.

Finally can do this on 1.1, one of my older goals finally checked off.

Smashed a few old goals recently, pretty happy with the big skillboost!

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worst score of the year award goes to me :joy_cat: :joy_cat: :joy_cat: :joy_cat: :joy_cat: :joy_cat: :joy_cat: :joy_cat: :joy_cat:


Legendary manip man.

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Damn, both of those are pretty ridiculous dude.


Two scores I’m happy with :slight_smile:

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technical scores, probably

nice bursts

i think i have the rhythm of this chart memorized

cool pb

somehow hit all of the minijacks i think

pb on a definitely overrated file

fun chart

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some bruh moments

ye these r cool and all but can any u pass Butterfly Heavy

i got a magicforce 68
possibly the first genuinely good kb i’ve had


Oh shit lurker is posting scores! Glad to hear your new KB is working out well. Nice night of nights, and neat chordjack scores as well!

I got these a while back and havent played since but I think they’re neat scores