Etterna portable zip release

Hi, I’ve been enjoying Etterna at home for a while, but I also wanted to play it on my laptop. Now, my laptop has a lot of download restrictions, and the only way I know of (and want to use) to circumvent those are by downloading games in .zip format. So I searched around for a little bit and couldn’t find Etterna to be released in .zip format anywhere. I’m not experienced enough to compile the code from the github repo. Copying the files from the installer leaves me with errors and I can’t fix those. So please, devs, could you add a portable .zip download option to the website?

The installer exe is actually a zip release in an installer format. A program like 7zip or winrar can open it like any other archive and just extract the files however you want.

However some systems you may attempt to run the game on won’t let it run due to missing things like d3d9, vc runtime 12 or 14, etc etc
To fix this, you would have to include those DLLs in the program directory (i think, that might not even work)

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I have extracted those files, yet it keeps on giving me errors because files are missing. As far as I know, they aren’t included in the installer. I’ll include my crash log here:

CreateFile failed
Error reading cache db: unable to open database file

Could this be related to file/folder permissions? Where are you extracting it? Could you share a screenshot of your /etterna/ folder? (Maybe you need to manually create some folder)

I installed Etterna without admin right using:
set __COMPAT_LAYER=RunAsInvoker start <insert name of the program>
but I was getting error (d3dx9_43.dll), so I installed the dll from and pasted it into the Etterna directory and it worked.